MTG - Roil Elemental - Secret Lair

Here is the third card I had to paint for the Secret Lair set of Zendikar Rising extension. I'm so proud to stand with such amazing artists: Matteo Bassini, Anato Finnstark, Daniel Lieske and Dominik Mayer!

The story behind this one: When Tom Jenkot (AD) asked me to redesign the famous Roil Elemental, I knew I had to think big... And when I create, I love to listen to a bit of music, and what could be better than listen to Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring". I wanted to depict the elements going through pure chaos of destruction but in a colorful and beautiful way. The Rite was perfect for that as an inspiration. The sound of the orchestra's madness helped give birth to this new version of the terrible creature.

Besides that, I needed strong references to paint this poor knight having a very bad day and this big dragon... The Knight is "played" by my dear friend Thibaud Zamora who is also a HUuuuuuuuge MTG art collector. I wanted to give him this pleasure to be eaten by an Elemental.
The dragon was inspired by a design base made by my wife's little sister! A dream coming true for a 10-year-old MTG fan! <3